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After a process that has lasted several years, on 12th March 2018, the first international standard for occupational health and safety was published: ISO 45001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use”.

It replaces the BS OHSAS 18001 standard, the previous world wide reference for health and safety in the workplace. It provides all Organisations with an effective and more complete guide for the management of these risks with the ultimate goal of reducing accidents and accidents at work.

In fact, in spreading the news of the publication, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quotes alarming numbers: Over 7 600 people die each day from work-related accidents or diseases – that’s over 2.78 million every year, 7,700 deaths due to illnesses or injuries and 374 million accidents and non-fatal illnesses, many of which entail prolonged absences from work (source: International Labor Organization).

The burden of occupational injuries and diseases is significant, both for employers and the wider economy, resulting in losses from early retirements, staff absence and rising insurance premiums.

But the focus is not only on prevention and on making the work environment safer, in the new ISO 45001 we try to improve overall workplace performance and avoid prolonged absences, so as to ensure the economic health of certified Organisations .

The standard was developed by a committee of occupational health and safety experts, and follows other generic management system approaches such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. It will take into account other International Standards in this area such as OHSAS 18001, the International Labour Organization’s ILO-OSH Guidelines, various national standards and the ILO’s international labour standards and conventions.

The IAF (International Accreditation Forum) has announced that the migration period allowed for the adjustment from BS OHSAS 18001 will last 3 years, we at Asacert are ready to talk to you now about migrating your business in a timely manner.

ASACERT offers a series of services to support companies in the adoption of the new standard, for more information: CLICK HERE or email us at info@asacert.co.uk