``The development of ASACERT isn’t just based on budget figures but has its roots in the enhancement and growth of staff. When investment in resources and development exceeds fixed capital investment, it means that your business stops being a place that merely produces and becomes a place that thinks. This allows us to offer substantial added value and a close working relationship with your business.``

Fabrizio Capaccioli – Managing Director ASACERT``

The ASACERT Group offers inspection, certification and valuation services, in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17021, with the following accreditations: ACCREDIT in Italy, EIAC in UAE, as well as notification to the European Community for a CE mark (CE 2021).

ASACERT professionals – distributed all over the country – have specific expertise in this sector, undergoing periodic verification that they are up to date with new methodologies and auditing techniques, changes in industry regulations and introduction of new certification schemes in order to ensure robust, advanced technical assessments. Our experience gained in different areas allows us to offer on one hand timely, specialised responses, and on the other to develop comprehensive services.

We want to be an added value for businesses, contributing to their development and goals. We support your employees with our expertise and professionalism, by transferring our expertise gained through years of study and work in the field. We seek continuous improvement, offering those who work with us a tangible, competitive advantage.


Within the Group, we have in operation a specially established Safeguarding Committee, involving stakeholders from all areas of the certification world, including manufacturers, users, Government ministries and other authoritative research organizations and associations of national importance, in order to always ensure full compliance with the criteria of uniformity and fairness of assessment and judgment.



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