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God Save the CE: UK Government extends the period of circulation of CE-marked goods in UK to 01 January 2023

If there’s anything Brexit has taught us, it’s that anything is possible and nothing is certain. In fact, if previously December 31st 2021 marked the end of the period of circulation of CE marked goods in the UK, the British Government has recently announced a change of plans, postponing the date to January 1st 2023.

For those who missed the previous episodes, let’s proceed with a summary: from 2023 (previously 2021), to put goods on the British market, it will be necessary to apply the new UKCA mark, alongside the CE mark, whose validity, however, will be valid up to the British border. To make the transition to the new Third Country status easier, the directives and regulations adopted by the UK coincide with those of the European Union so that conformity assessment procedures are the same. The requirements for the two markings are also identical: the manufacturer declares under his sole and full responsibility that the product complies with all legislative requirements applicable in the UK and that the necessary conformity assessment procedures have been successfully completed.

Organizations can breathe a sigh of relief and slow down the race to comply, but controls and procedures to guarantee consumers remain, and the risk of hiccups, slowdowns and delays are less and less remote. With the entry into force of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the United Kingdom and the European Union have put down on paper the rules for living, working and trading within the two countries. To trade goods in the EU, the compliance with EU standards starts with the CE marking, which, therefore, cannot be considered a simple mark but as a synonym of guarantee and conformity to standards.

For BREXIT to be synonymous with opportunity and continuity for every business, ASACERT aims to support companies – small, medium and large – in this time of transition, providing a consolidated experience and a global presence.

The marking of construction products, for example, is a mandatory procedure for all products covered by the EU Regulation “construction products”. Point of reference for many companies operating in the field of metal carpentry, ASACERT provides the necessary assistance and support for the marking of these products to all companies operating on the English Continent, issuing – in compliance with the requirements of the harmonized standard EN 1909-1 – the Certification of Production Control (FPC) and also covering the certification services related to the latter (Certifications according to UNI EN ISO 3834 and UNI EN ISO 9001).

The service offered by ASACERT is divided into two areas of activity for the achievement of CE marking.

1) Gap Analysis for document screening.

– Highlighting the level of compliance of the documentation in possession of the company, compared to regulatory requirements and international standards of the post-Brexit.

2) Training and informative activities, including webinars, sessions, and ad hoc meetings. ASACERT can help your company identify procedural steps correctly and draft documents or select useful actions for the correct and effective procedure to obtain the CE marking.

To make this path even more direct, immediate and efficient, ASACERT provides companies with a HELP DESK to cope with the CE marking of construction products and components in steel and aluminium. A service dedicated to all companies that need, following the BREXIT, to secure their activities, marketing in a safe way and in compliance with current legislation, their products between the United Kingdom and the European Community and back.

What are you waiting for? Contact us at brexit@asacert.com.

Brexit calls, Asacert answers!