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World Accreditation Day 2020

World Accreditation Day (WAD) is back today June 9th. This is an initiative launched by the international network of accreditation bodies that are members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), to bring attention to the certification, inspection, test and calibration activities carried out by accredited bodies.

The theme on which this year’s communication and awareness activities focus is the importance of accreditation in food safety. In this context, the impartial and third-party certification and inspection services applied to the entire national and international agri-food chain represent a value to be emphasized and promoted.

The Accreditation recognises the technical competence, integrity and impartiality of the Organizations that provide conformity assessment services, such as testing, calibration, certification and inspection on the basis of international standards. Entire projects, raw materials, products, processes, services, management systems and people can be assessed on the basis of standards, codes of conduct or regulatory requirements by laboratories, control, certification, validation and verification bodies like ASACERT, which for more than twenty years has represented a point of reference for companies of all sizes in the UK and abroad.

Thanks to the know-how gained in multiple business sectors, ASACERT participates in the development of companies and supports them in achieving their objectives with competence and professionalism, operating according to UKAS accreditation standards in the United Kingdom, Accredia in Italy and EIAC in the United Arab Emirates.

The day comes just two days after June 7th, on which the second World Food Safety Day (WFSD) was celebrated, promoted by the World Health Organization. The goal was to promote the correct information of citizens, increasing awareness of food safety as a crucial element for global health, but also a conscious path for the implementation of choices aimed at tackling climate change and creating sustainable food systems worldwide. Reviewing the priorities of a system that needs to be re-founded for a fairer and more environmentally friendly tomorrow. This year both days take on a particularly felt value due to the global emergency in terms of public health. The pandemic that is crossing the planet leaves no room for interpretation: raising awareness towards greater sustainability of livestock production, reducing the use of pesticides for agricultural production, optimizing the processing and distribution of food, will increase the safety of the food that ends up on our tables.

The value of accreditation imposes itself as a tool for a Quality Supply Chain, through the guarantee of tests, inspections and accredited certifications, representing a valid support in the identification and traceability of the entire agri-food chain and of the global distribution industry.

Among the tools able to guarantee the excellence of the Italian product on world tables, the Protocol ITA0039 | 100% Italian Taste Certification, which has been operating for years through its certification process, conceived by ASACERT and supported by Coldiretti and the Ministry of Agriculture, ANRA and IFSE, international cooking school. A tool for the protection of health, authenticity and genuineness, dedicated to the world of catering, verifies that behind the classic Italian symbols shown on the packaging and signs, there is an authentic Italian restaurant, which uses original products from Italian suppliers, following criteria consistent with the green and sustainable path that is also making its way internationally.

An Accredia-Censis research on the topic of the day highlights that 70% of the sample of consumers considered, believes that food controls are not effective or that they have some flaws, such as to not be able to really prevent risk factors on the consumer health. From this point of view, the elements on which to act are manifold. For consumers, the relevant purchase factors of food products are attributable to the transparency of information on the hygiene and health of the products and compliance with safety standards (e.g. if a plant protection product has been used for fungicides); easily know the place of origin of the products; know that it is a typical product.

On the theme of the World Accreditation Day 2020, Fabrizio Capaccioli AD ASACERT and creator of the ITA0039 certification protocol: “The transparency of information, respect for the cycles of nature and the environment, for a sustainable and circular economy, are values ​​that finally we rediscover the tradition of the rural and agricultural world and which impose themselves today as a moral and ethical duty. A closer and closer target, also thanks to adequate certification systems, in line with the growing demands of consumers, in favor of the image and reputation of the countless honest producers and the genuineness and authenticity of the final product” and concludes: “We learn from Nature, which builds resilience through biodiversity. International food standards, guidelines and codes of conduct put in place must be inspired by natural systems that adapt to the environment with an infinite mix of strategies, diversity, uniformity and complexity.