Project Financing Advisory


Project Financing supports entrepreneurial projects started by a private individual on a particular property owned by a public body (car parks, sports facilities, cemeteries, nurseries, hospitals, etc.) . This type of financing allows a private individual to build and manage a public work. The cost will be recovered and given back to the public body at the end of management.

According to the art. 37 of Law n°109/1994 (New Tender Regulation) all the project promoters can present to Contracting Authorities proposals for the construction of public works. The proposals must contain a study of territorial and environmental framing, a feasibility study, a preliminary draft, a draft convention, and the certification of the Economic-Financial plan issued by a Financial Institution

The Project Financing activity includes the insertion of a decisive “clause “: the Promoter must submit, together with the project, a project financing asseveration issued by a financial institution, assessing the reliability and accuracy of the initiative, especially from the management point of view.

This asseveration is fundamental because if the project proposed by the promoter will ever turn out to be a failure, the administration could risk to lose both the asset and the service that that was intended to be provided.

In the prospect financing area , the asseveration certifies the economic –financial coherence of an investment prospect, the financial stability, the ability of the project to generate adequate flows and the possibility to realize the project with private capital. The project financing asseveration can be also issued by companies registered in the general list of financial intermediaries.

ASACERT offers professional services to investors, promoters or financial intermediaries, providing technical support for the certification of project financing. Our expertise in the field of technical inspection, along with our specialized and experienced team is unrivaled.

ASACERT, as an independent inspection body, guarantees the performance of its activities in compliance with the requirements of integrity, independence, impartiality and confidentiality.