Following the “improve your value” philosophy ASACERT has launched the Asacert Affiliate Consultants Program – AACP – to offer its clients a wider and better service.

The AACP is a register of qualified consultants that have supported businesses in the implementation of successful management systems that ASACERT has subsequently certified .

ASACERT is an internationally recognised Certification Body operating in over 16 countries around the world. In accordance with the regulations that govern all accredited Certification Bodies regarding impartiality, ASACERT does not provide consultancy services or endorse any consultants listed in the AACP register.

ASACERT is committed to supporting its clients in the research of qualified consultancy services and makes sure that any consultant listed in the AACP agrees to operate under the Conditions specified.

The consultants enrolled in the AACP and ASACERT have the common goal of offering the best possible service to our clients, we target efficiency and build business relationships based on mutual trust and reliability.



  • Networking and relationship through ASACERT contacts
  • Special rates on training courses
  • Use of AACP Logo with identification number
  • Easy Qualification via email


How to join the ACCP

  • Download the Application Form
  • Complete the form and send via email to aacp@asacert.co.uk  or via Whatsapp



  • Receive the consultants contact details quickly and easily directly to your email or via Whatsapp
  • Whatsapp info-line available Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
  • Transparency on prices, no hidden management fees
  • No mandatory pre-audit
  • Increasing number of services offered
  • All sectors covered

How to use the ACCP

  • Look for consultants in the list available
  • Ask for the consultants via email or Whatsapp specifying the identification number(s)

Here are some international standards our Affiliate Consultants Program can help you with